Interactive / touchscreen kiosk for hotels, bed&breakfast

Multimedia kiosks or interactive kiosk for hotels and b & b allow to offer visitors many features.
For example, check-in and check-out, book and request services, read menus and price lists, contact the staff and get any information you want about the structure in which you are located.

All the interactive and multimedia kiosk, which we offer for the hotel sector, can be customized both from the hardware point of view, thanks to custom-made monitors, microphones, speakers, etc. and from the software point of view with the advantage of being able to always be updated. according to specific needs.


Digital signage (digital advertising) including interactive or 3D
Eliminate multi-functional queues, both via totem and mobile phone
Possibility to order menus and / or other services
Self payment terminal
Self check in / check out
Totem card dispenser in the room
Intenet point
Vending machine
Digital labels for price indications