Interactive kioskare also useful tools in the company, for various reasons. Thanks to them, in companies in the logistics sector, for example, there is the possibility of connecting them to machinery in order to have all information under control.

Also very useful for digital signage in specific areas, where it is possible to show on-screen directions to reach the area of ​​interest quickly and easily and also provide information on safety

Even for the staff, the totem or interactive kiosk can be useful to speed up and facilitate services, such as checking entry and exit from the company, requesting holidays, printing various documents and other services that can be implemented in a customized thanks to the installed software that is directly edited and customized by us according to specific needs and requests.


• Information kiosk
• Totem connected to machinery
• Personal totem: check in / out, vacation request, sickness documents, pay / F24 print, …
• Totem card dispenser
• Vending machine
• Totem for the planning of the works and the dedicated time