Kiosk for every business

Our interactive kiosk are designed for every type of sector and need. Kiosk for shops, shopping centers, hotels, etc … Find out the most suitable one

Kiosk by type

The interactive kiosks are divided by type of interest, self-service kiosk, check-in totems, outdoor kiosk, kiosk with payment system etc … Discover our solutions for your needs

Hardware and Software

We can also offer individual hardware components both for the replacement of components of interactive kiosk, and as added in multimedia projects. We have standard software solutions for self-service kiosk, and thanks to our long experience, we can develop tailor-made solutions for any IT project

Production and sale of interactive kiosk and multimedia kiosk

For every type of sector and needself service kioskinteractive kioskmultimedia kioskself service terminalpayment terminal

Custom solutions

AISsystems is specializes in the sale and production of interactive kiosks with touchscreens, self-service kiosks, payment terminals, multimedia kiosks and digital signage, for all types of customers and business needs. For more information visit our website to see our production  and multimedia kiosks.

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