The sectors of applications of the interactive kiosk or multimedia kiosk can be applied to various sectors. Even the functionality of the multimedia kiosks can be customized both at the hardware and software level.
Below we list the main sectors in which interactive kiosk can be used

AISsystems offers all-inclusive solutions for antibacterial and touchscreen interactive totems for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Our interactive totems or kiosks can also be used in different medical facilities. Our production extends to interactive kiosk for asl, interactive kiosk for medical centers, interactive totems for health services, interactive kiosk for pharmacies, interactive kiosk for clinics

It is possible to have and consult information on health facilities independently, make reservations, request visits, etc …

The use of multimedia kiosk and touchscreens is increasingly frequent for consulting information in major hospitals, public and private health facilities, clinics, medical centers


Self check in for patients
Eliminate multi-functional queues, both via totem and mobile phone
Self service for payments both by card and by cash
Eliminates administration as a basic medical choice, validity recognition request, health material required
Internet point of the hospital site only
Print reports
Health card dispenser
Automatic dispensers for hospital items
Customer Satisfaction Survey